14c12c ratio carbon dating

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1990, without a decay correction Fractionation: The change in isotopic ratio that can occur when a material undergoes a chemical reaction or certain types of physical processes.

Radiocarbon ages are inferred from the measurements subject to a number of assumptions and qualifications. Cosmic Ray: The high energy atomic radiation that bombards the earth from space.

Chemical reactions are not the only causes of fractionation.

Evaporation, condensation, diffusion or the passage of vapour through a small aperture can also give rise to isotopic fractionation.

Atmospheric CO2 has a d13C of about -7o/oo whereas the d 13C of wood is about -25o/oo.

The chain of chemical reactions leading to the formation of cellulose has resulted in the cellulose being depleted in 13C relative to the CO2.

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