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I am still breast feeding so feel a bit drier than usual down there too - I am still exhausted as LO doesn't sleep well, and whilst I know DH would never force the issue I do feel like I need to be giving him some attention again!

Has anyone else experienced this and is it a problem during intercourse?

Depending on the severity you can look at using doghnuts (I think they are called) to keep everything in place. She suggests certain excersises such as pilates and yoga can fix even very servere uterus prolapse and memebers on her website seem to think they are getting better day by day using her techniques and advice.I kind of feel like if I don't get 'back on the horse' now then I never will (until I want another baby!! ) Any advice or comments would be appreciated - bit of atricky subject to discuss with some of my mummy chums!Thanks x i have a slight prolapse, and ive been having sex...i do find the next day im sore and really, really dry..which maybe down to the prolapse or cos im still bf...i only got checked out the other week and i need physio.I've thought about trying but I've been too worried it might be uncomfortable.I've been lucky with all my previous births and started having sex a couple of weeks after but this time was rough and thinking about trying is all I can do at the moment.

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