Connor cruise dating

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This was followed by Vanilla Sky, Steven Spielberg's Minority Report and the Last Samurai.2004 saw Cruise deviate from his usual good-guy role, in Michael Mann's Collateral, in which he played a hitman.

He worked again with Spielberg, in War of the Worlds, the third highest-selling film of 2005.

"In 1999, Cruise starred alongside Nicole Kidman (to whom he was still married) in Eyes Wide Shut.

The film was Stanley Kubrick's last venture before he died and took two years to complete.

Two years later, Cruise was cast in The Outsiders, a Francis Ford Coppola film that also starred Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe.

Also in 1983, Cruise appeared in Losin' It, with Shelly Long and Risky Business, which is widely credited as the film that brought Cruise to the public eye.

The next year, he starred in the third installment of the Mission: Impossible trilogy.

The second was Rain Man, which also starred Dustin Hoffman.

Magnolia was released in the same year and Cruise earned a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award Nomination for his role in the film.

The next year, Cruise reprised his role in Mission: Impossible in the sequel, directed by John Woo.

The same year, Cruise starred in The Color of Money, for which co-star Paul Newman won an Oscar.

Two years later, Cruise starred in another two highly successful films.

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