Hanna montana dating who

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Lucas Till was obviously the best choice for Miley in the Hannah Montana franchise, and honestly he might’ve been her best choice IRL.

He currently has the lead role in ABC’s Macgyver and has starred in the X-Men franchise as Alex Summers. Jesse is the bad-boy boyfriend who Miley pretended to date to make Robby Ray happy as she secretly dated Jake.

Basically, all you need to know about Cody Linley’s life in 2017 is the last movie he starred in was Sharknado 4.

He is also an acting coach in LA and a “good guy” according to his Insta bio. Travis Brody was Miley’s Tennessean boyfriend in The Hannah Montana Movie.

Lily began the show as a huge Hannan Montana fan, not realizing her best friend, Miley Stewart, was living a double life.

Once Miley revealed her secret, Lily helped her maintain privacy and even adopted her own secret identity, Lola Lufnagle.

Stewart and her alter ego, Hannah Montana, juggling her double life as a regular teenager and as a famous pop star. Now: After the show ended, Miley starred in Nicholas Sparks movie , where she met her on-again, off-again bae Liam Hemsworth (sounds a little familiar to one of Hannah's love interests, is all I'm saying).

Eventually the two made up, but we don’t know if they stay together because he doesn’t appear in the TV show.

by Harry Shukman Justin Bieber's monkey, OG Mally, is still recovering from living with his popstar owner, babe can reveal.

Mally, an endangered capuchin, fell under Bieber's captivity back in 2013, when he was illegally purchased for the singer.

His last big role was in FOX/Netflix’s 2015 “Parallels.” It was originally slated as a Television show, but the networks decided to release the pilot as a film instead. He is also a “Self Proclaimed Semi-Pro i Phone Photographer. Cereal Killer.” according to his private Instagram.

Like his career, his humor is apparently trapped in 2008.

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