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Because our philosophies are dedicated to difference and distinction, they can only achieve accurate definitions at the local level.As a result they handle categories of totality with difficulty.Our know-how has been dedicated in recent times to the production of world-objects, a concept that I defined twenty-five years ago in Thanatocracy (Hermes III, p.101), taking as examples ballistic missiles, fixed satellites and nuclear waste.Smelting furnaces and airline companies do not mobilize the same groups; the concentration and size of subjects condition those of objects. Little by little globalization forms a new universe based on thermal techniques and developed further by the quantitative increase of world-objects.We see these now as technical, physical, and we will soon see them as human and legal as well.

Traditional technologies, tools and machines form units with a local range of action in space and time: the sledgehammer drives in the stake, the plow cuts the furrow, in sum, they define an environment where few humans worked, for example a family living on a farm.

The industrial revolution generalized and propagated thermal techniques which accelerated the rise of the local towards the global, the causes or consequences of which philosophy has not yet studied.

Since I frequently described this rise in previous books, The Natural Contract begins by simply mentioning it.

During the British colonial period, the hunters in Bengal did not recognize the rights of tigers, even to the point of extinction.

We are beginning to conceive the possibility of lawsuits that, for example, oppose polluters and this park or forest or that mangrove swamp.

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