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You can search by name and select from the list of matches to view: You can use this service to file your company’s annual return and also to know when your accounts are due.

Companies House offers Web Filing Service, which basically allows certain forms to be filled online rather than by post.

a balance sheet with its director’s name (with details of everything that the company owns on the last day of financial year, a profit and loss account, notes about the accounts and a director’s report.

Late Filing Penalties (LFP):- Late filing penalties were introduced in 1992 to ensure that the directors of the companies file their accounts and reports on time.

Cardiff office allocates 8 digit numbers, Edinburgh companies start with “SC” and Belfast companies start with “NI’. they can never change the allocated number even if they change the name of the company.You, as a listed corporate entity on Companies House, get benefits of trading with limited liability.Along with that, if your data is up-to-date, people can then make informed decisions if they may wish to do business with or invest in your company.A primary reason behind setting a timeline for the submission is that the information is required for the public record.All companies, whether private or public, big or small, trading or non-trading are legally bounded to send their accounts and reports to HMRC and Companies House every year.

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