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The entranced Katie writes a song of her own, for him, and admits that she likes him.Angela urges Katie to sing for him at the Bollywood Ball that night, and gives her a costume to wear. Gail orders Katie to babysit Victor tonight, since she wants Bev to win Luke over at the Ball.Unable to get back inside, Katie trips over a visiting Luke; thinking fast, she covers herself up using the WELCOME mat.Amused by the situation, Luke gives her his jacket.Despite how badly they treat her, Katie does their bidding with no complaints in fear that they might put her in foster care and is only putting up their emotional abuse until she turns 18 and graduates from High School.

To save Angela's dance career, Katie goes along with Gail. In the music room, he sees Bev lip-syncing to Katie's voice ("Make You Believe").

It is not a natural outcrop, but an artificial hill.

During the reign of King Rama III (1787 – 1851) the decision was made to build a Chedi of huge dimensions to add to the Wat Saket temple.

Bev is reluctant, but goes along with this in order to win Luke's affections.

At school, Katie and her best friend Angela (Jessalyn Wanlim) hear Luke singing.

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