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A variation of this is the girls wearing sexy costumes.

Expect someone to make an obligatory joke about the character being Exposed to the Elements.

After the January incident, soldiers at the base were ordered to take the SIM cards out of their phones and only use the internet at designated hot spots. 'It had a little Apple map, and in the center of the map was Moscow,' L'Heureux said. Both of the people who approached the Americans are believed to be Russian agents.

Commanding officers have been going so far as to force Estonian conscripts to jump in lakes to make sure that they don't have their devices on them, but some have been getting around the rule by wrapping their phones in condoms. 'It said, "Somebody is trying to access your i Phone".'He says he later learned that a hacker with a Russian IP address was trying to breach a second layer of password protection, and had been following his movements via the phone's GPS. 'Russia has always sought to target NATO servicemen for intelligence exploitation,' said Keir Giles, an associate fellow at Chatham House's Russia and Eurasia Program.

The clip shows the men connecting three REM-500 trestle frames together, working on individual sections dressed in high visibility jackets and camouflage suits.

It is not clear exactly how long the bridge takes to build, but the lack of dark skies in the video imply it was completed over the course of a day.

Side-Story Bonus Art in Anime and Manga often has holiday pics with female characters wearing these dresses.

A Sub-Trope of Pimped-Out Dress, Costume Porn, Sexy Whatever Outfit.

It's believed that Russian agents are using antennae and specialized drones to hack into the phones of NATO soldiers stationed along Russia's border with the Baltic states, tracking the soldiers' whereabouts and stealing personal information off of their phones. soldier in Estonia, near the Russian border The Russians are using antennae and drones to hack into soldiers' cellphones to track their movements and steal their personal information, it was reported. Some say that the hacking amounts to simple harassment, while others say that the Russians could cause serious communications issues that would sow confusion in the event of an actual military attack.

In January, soldiers stationed at the Tapa Army Base in Estonia complained about 'strange things' happening to their phones before French and British soldiers were due to arrive.

An investigation determined that Russia had used portable telephone antennae to gain access to phones in the area - grabbing data from the phones and then erasing the information.

Soldiers run in formation across the decks as others emerge from the river in scuba diving costumes.

When the bridge is complete a large steam train goes across it followed by a convoy of military vehicles.

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