Valdosta state university dating

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One of its main attractions is the Mable House, which includes a historic home and a performing arts center in one building.Despite its small size, Mableton has five parks for picnicking, sports, strolling, and soaking up the sunny Georgia weather.For another taste of Southern big cities, Nashville and Birmingham provide different perspectives on urban centers in the region.Regardless of where one goes on a day trip outside Atlanta, the immediate vicinity will certainly not disappoint.Athens, GA is the home of the University of Georgia as well as a thriving indie music scene.

In addition to parks and the Riverwalk, there are also a host of adventurous activities to enjoy along the rushing Tennessee River, such as white water rafting, hang-gliding, and hiking.

The town is also at the center of Georgia’s wine country and has five vineyards and 12 wine tasting sites.

Dahlonega’s quaint downtown is listed in the Historic Register, and the community celebrates its history with a number of museums and tours.

Today, Birmingham is Alabama’s cultural capital, with many large performing arts theaters, several well-attended annual festivals, and lots of museums, including the biggest art museum in the Southeast, the Birmingham Museum of Art.

It is also the site of several universities and colleges, which add to the life and energy of the city.

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